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Crossbow Hunting: The Basics

Picking a crossbow as your weapon for hunting sets you for a very exciting but…

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How Much Does a Crossbow Weigh?

Today, the majority of modern crossbows weigh between 5.4 to 8 pounds. Note that this…

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Crossbow Hunting from a Tree Stand

Climbing up on a tree stand and observing the nature around is a fun and…

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Reverse-Draw Crossbow vs Regular Crossbow

When you saw a reverse-draw crossbow for the first time you probably thought something in…

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How Far Do Crossbows Shoot?

Today's hunting crossbows are lighter, smaller, more portable, and shoot much faster than the models…

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Crossbow or Bow?

So you are interested in archery but you've decided to focus on one type of…

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Crossbow Hunting from a Ground Blind

Ground blinds provide probably the most effective and convenient way to hunt with a crossbow.…

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Recurve vs Compound Crossbow

There is lots of misconception and outdated info circulating the interwebs regarding crossbow technology as…

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How Deadly is a Crossbow?

A modern crossbow is an extremely lethal weapon up to around 50 yards due to…

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