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Crossbow Hunting from a Ground Blind

Ground blinds provide probably the most effective and convenient way to hunt with a crossbow.…

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Recurve vs Compound Crossbow

There is lots of misconception and outdated info circulating the interwebs regarding crossbow technology as…

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How Deadly is a Crossbow?

A modern crossbow is an extremely lethal weapon up to around 50 yards due to…

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How Many Shots Does a Crossbow Last?

A crossbow can last many years and at least tens of thousands of shots, provided…

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How Long Can You Leave Your Crossbow Cocked?

Most crossbow manufacturers assure that you can keep your crossbow cocked for an entire day…

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Are Crossbows Hard to Pull Back?

Despite their intimidating draw weight compared to bows, crossbows utilize various techniques and devices to…

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How to Maintain a Crossbow

Maintaining your crossbow involves checking for subtle changes in its body that could lead to…

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Crossbow Basics for the Complete Beginner

The crossbow is a weapon that works similarly to a bow. It shoots projectiles -…

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